Ken Spillman is a genius if you put him in front of children. His verve, his enthusiasm, and his ability to become a child in front of a children audience is remarkable… He keeps them absolutely enthralled! There is an instant connect, and it doesn’t matter whether they go to high-class private schools in the best neighbourhoods or a government-run school in a little lane. He is a pleasure to watch.

Debjani Banerji, Regional manager, Scholastic India

Our students, especially many of our older boys who find writing in English challenging, were particularly engrossed with Ken’s presentation and sharing of his ideas… We look forward to working with Ken again in writing workshops if we are lucky enough to have him back on Omani soil!

Anita McCallum, Primary Co-Ordinator - English, The Sultan's School, Oman

I want to thank you for the presentation you gave to our middle school students at the Bookworm yesterday. They (and I) found your talk engaging and inspiring… Thank you for making our students realize that they can be writers and to embrace the concept that life can be freaky at times.

William Cotter, Teacher, QSI Suzhou, China

I can see the after-effect of your session. More children have started issuing books from the library. You really rock!

Ngawang Tenzin, Head Librarian, RBK International Academy, Mumbai, India

A big thank you for your wonderful and inspiring Children’s Book Week sessions…
I received lots of favourable comments from teachers but, more importantly, the students loved you.

Carol Willox, Claremont Library, Australia

The feedback from students was really good and they were very impressed to have met a published author whose work they had studied in class… I hope you will visit China and YCIS Beijing again.

Naomi Saunders, Marketing Officer, Yew Chung International School, Beijing

It was an immense pleasure to have you here with us for an interactive session with our budding writers and poets. We are grateful to you to have spared your valuable time to share your views, ideas and experiences with our students. Sir, your inspirational words have been made note of and shall be guided to the students to do well in life.

Urmil Verma, Principal, DPS, Dehradun, India

My son, who is studying in 5th Grade at SBOA CBSE School, Madurai keeps talking about you. He is greatly inspired by your speech and your thoughts that you shared with the students during your visit… I wish to personally thank you for your involvement in children’s development and education.

S. Mahesh Kumar, Madurai, India

Oh, you are a truly funny writer. You have an imagination that is brilliant, vast and God knows what! Thank you so much for sharing your books with us.

Yashasvi Kapoor, Class III, Sri Sri Academy, Kolkata, India

Today you addressed us at school…. I was sitting at the back and was listening to everything that you said and every question that you answered. Sir you were really really good. The way you said so many things about imagination and other things was awesome. And you made us think about the things we don’t really notice. Your expressions, your throw of words and everything… Really I am inspired by you, and, as your teacher was your inspiration, you are mine.

Khushi Prasad, student, La Martiniere Girls' College, Lucknow, India

Ken Spillman created a writing “buzz” throughout our Elementary School after his writing workshops… His quiet and unobtrusive disposition helped many of our more reluctant writers break through the initial barrier of creative writing, and start to write. He easily and effectively gave positive feedback and ideas to both students and teachers. Ken did a fantastic job of reinforcing to everyone the importance and pleasure of creative writing.

Sarah Allum, Elementary Librarian, ABA International School, Oman

It was an awesome session with the kids!

Stephanie Wang, Scholastic representative, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Your interaction with DAV kids was better than best. Personally I am highly inspired by your energy, voice modulation and creating lively environment.

Prasanna Dhala, Teacher, DAV Public School, Bhubaneswar, India

One only had to look at the students’ faces and hear them discussing their writing as they left the room to know how enthusiastically they embraced your messages… Many teachers found the sessions practical and that you had encapsulated the spirit of reading and writing that they had been struggling to impart.

Kimbra Weeks, Secondary Teacher/Librarian, ABA International School, Oman

Dr Spillman worked closely with our students, who come from diverse cultural backgrounds… His ability to adapt to the age of the audience is quite remarkable. His messages and approach are exactly what we have been after to encourage reading and have our boys positively engage with reading for pleasure.

Shane McGurk, Christ Church Grammar School, Western Australia

Your presentation was amazing! I learned a lot about writing stories.

Venus Cheung, Suzhou, China

Ken’s presentations are full of gentle humour with his love of children’s literature evident in his author talks. He is able to talk to all ages and find that one thing that his audience can relate to.

Kris Williams, Director, All Saints Literature Festival, Australia

He was a man on a mission, bent on connecting children with the magic and power of imagination and writing.

Librarian, City of Canning, Australia

I really enjoyed when you came to our school… You left us with a big smile on our faces and you will always stay in my heart and memory.

Tej Muchhala, Std 4, Bombay Scottish International School, Mumbai, India

Ken is a great entertainer and the manner in which he modulated his voice livened up the reading… As soon as he stopped the storytelling session, Ken was immediately bombarded with questions.

Review, 'Bookaroo in the City', New Delhi, India

Ken’s writing workshops were thought provoking and very well structured. I’ve been writing for ages and have lots of ways of getting to write but the writing exercises had me extending my repertoire of ways into creativity and also a range of content matter.

Maree Dawes, Albany, Australia

Your show was mind blasting! Thanks a lot for giving us an opportunity to meet you.

Nithila Darmeshwaran, CS Academy, Erode, India

I so enjoyed your class… I felt it was a tremendous help getting so much encouragement and ideas from you. It was also fascinating the way everyone bonded together.

Belinda Brocklehurst, retired company director, England

This was an enthusiastic, humorous and very motivational talk. He definitely imparted a strong enthusiasm among the whole class which will surely help them tap into their own imaginations and unleash their own creativity. They all laughed a lot, and Ken utilised various voices which delighted and entertained the children. We all thoroughly enjoyed this experience! Many thanks to Scholastic for this unique opportunity.

Teacher, Law Ting Pong Secondary School, Hong Kong