School presentations

Ken is a highly popular guest at schools, inspiring students to enjoy reading, embrace creative thinking and make the act of writing fun. He has connected with children of all ages and backgrounds in diverse settings around the world.


As a writer-in-residence, Ken has contributed to the development of writers of all ages in Australian and international schools, writers’ centres, and corporate setttings.

Skype sessions

Ken offers pre booked Skype sessions to schools as part of the Next Learning network. Skype sessions can include Q&A sessions and mini workshops with feedback on students’ writing.


An experienced international presenter of writing workshops and seminars, Ken has worked with many and varied groups of children, and with adults in introductory sessions as well as masterclasses.


A good speech with the right mix of light and shade can be entertaining, edifying and memorable. Ken has a relaxed yet penetrating style and confidently adapts his style to the size and composition of his audience.

Editing and manuscript assessment

Over many years working as a freelance editor and manuscript assessor, Ken has worked with several Australian publishers and has provided editorial input into the work of some of Australia’s most eminent writers. Writers and students engage Ken to help take their work to the next level.


Ken has extensive experience as a mentor of young and emerging writers across a range of genres. While his time may sometimes be restricted, his commitment to the development of talent is unlimited.

Judging and examination services

Dr Ken Spillman has served as an examiner of doctoral and masters degrees in creative writing for three large Australian universities. He has also served as a judge for many book awards and writing competitions, including nationwide awards in Australia, SIngapore and India.

Commissions and copywriting

Throughout his career, Ken has undertaken commissions large and small. He has created copy for newspapers, branding agencies, governments, multinational corporations, and small businesses.

Publications management

Ken has vast experience as a creator of books for individuals, institutions and corporations. He can manage the editing, design, indexing and printing of books of all sizes, taking pride in the release of high quality publications at reasonable prices.

Creative concepts

Bringing a fresh perspective to any project, Ken maximises the impact of words and ideas. He has collaborated with artists from Australia, Asia and Europe, and was the driving force behind the creation of a Poetry Park in Western Australia’s capital city.


Ken Spillman has helped a number of high flyers in various fields to document their achievements and produce well-written works of autobiography. He is always interested to hear from those committed to telling interesting stories from life.