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ISBN 935046739-9

Beautifully illustrated by Manjari Chakravarti, this simple story is about name-calling, labelling and self-affirmation.

The story is simply narrated, but profound… Anyone who has ever found solace in an imaginative world should find much to relate to here. Spillman has captured the ability of art to move us and transport us to new places. —

The Great Storyteller

ISBN 978-981-07-9670-9

A charming picture book about loss and recovery, illustrated by Manjari Chakravarti.

Should you get it? Yes, if you want to teach your child about loss and recovery and the power of stories and storytelling. The lessons learnt here are powerful and not easily found in other picture books. Kudos to Spillman for writing about them. —

Rahul and the Dream Bat

ISBN 9788123771830

With illustrations by Suvidha Mistry, this book from the National Book Trust of India is about the magic of imagination in building confidence, success and resilience.

We’re big fans of Ken Spillman, and this one stands out for the quality of the story. — Lightroom

The Auto That Flew

ISBN 978-93-502-277-5

Arjun is an auto rickshaw, plying the streets of Delhi while wishing for a more glamorous life — or is he?

A delightful and yet profoundly philosophical picture story… Read this book for its simplicity, for its realistic view about life and its fun elements. —

The Izzy Series

ISBN 935046739-9

Illustrated by Chris Nixon, this series highlights aspects of early childhood safety.

Izzy in the City (ISBN-13 978-0730743972) deals with safety around traffic;
Izzy at the Park (ISBN-13978-0730743965) deals with bicycle safety; and
Izzy on Holiday (ISBN-13 978-0730743958) deals with safety while travelling in cars.